Hazelnut Oil


Contains vitamins, minerals, proteins. Has a slight astringent action; good for all skin types. Can be used at 100% strength.

Skin: An astringent. Safe for sensitive skin. A natural, alcohol-free astringent that does not cause irritation. HIgh Vitamin E and fatty acid content increases hydration in the outermost layer of the skin; improves elasticity, firmness and suppleness; creates a natural barrier that helps your skin retain water and avoid dryness. Cleanse and shrink pores and remove bacteria. Enables collagen production by reducing an enzyme that destroys collagen. Reduces the appearance of scars. Reduces wrinkles and fine lines, smoothes skin; Protects against sun damages; Reduces hyper-pigmentation caused from acne, sun damage, pregnancy, birth control, skin injuries. Rich in Vitamin E.

Hair: Mega fatty acids, proteins and vitamins that nourish your hair and scalp. Maintains growth; ideal for scalp massages to not only stimulate hair follicles and nourish them, but to also alleviate dry scalp and protect it from sun.